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أفضل الجامعات لـ MBA برامج في Bahrain 2023

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    • Al Jazirah Al Hamra
    • Dubai
    • Sharjah
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    Ascencia Business School provides students with an opportunity to study International University Programs while living in UAE. Our main goal is to provide all our students with a quality, cost-effective education and we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest academic standards. Ascencia Business School has a good understanding of the local market and an immense amount of experience in managing education since 2006. We have explored the Middle East market and found ways to successfully market the fully accredited, approved, and recognized curriculum. Our courses are delivered by Western qualified lecturers holding their Ph.D.’s and drawn from academics and bearing relevant industrial experience.

    • Hamad Town
    • Riyadh

    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Sharjah
    • Oman Online
    • Saudi Arabia Online
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    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Saar

    The University College of Bahrain (UCB) was founded in 2002 by Shaikh Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed AlKhalifa. The University is a non-profit private institution of Higher Education, licensed by the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Bahrain, where the medium of teaching and learning is in English.

    • A'ali

    Arab Open University in Bahrain - a pioneering Arab Open University dedicated to building the science and knowledge society.

    • Capital Governorate

    The Arabian Gulf University was established in 1979 in the Kingdom of Bahrain to support the human development needs of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and address the socio-economic challenges facing the region. It was built on the belief that university and higher education are crucial in equipping the GCC society with the knowledge and skills needed to be competitive in the global economy.

    • Al Sayh

    The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Medical University of Bahrain, or Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Bahrain, is a constituent university of Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, which was established in Dublin, Ireland in 1784.

    • Al Hidd

    AFAQ Institute of Aviation Technology is a higher education institute in Aviation Technology accredited by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA.147.0072), and Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs ANTR 147.

    • Sanad

    Gulf University has been founded based on a strong vision to ensure that it will offer high-quality education and provide graduates with strong intellectual and social foundations, thus helping our graduates to live as full contributors and compassionate members of a global society. Gulf University aims to establish itself as a distinguished higher education provider that will appeal to international, Bahraini and GCC students who prefer to be educated in a cultural environment, which is acceptable to parents and students alike.

    • London
    • Manama

    For more than thirty years, Management Development Centre International (MDCI) has been redefining the way executive education is delivered in the Middle East and Africa. Now, our focus on enabling transformational leaders has resulted in a new pathway to achieving a UK-accredited MBA.

    • Amman
    • Dubai
    • Manama
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    Divan International came into existence 18 years ago. It is an accredited and licensed platform that is arguably the best leading cultural exchange, educational, training, and travel organization, widely known for its impeccable service for young people from the Arab countries and the whole world as well.

    • Al Khobar
    • Riyadh
    • Jeddah
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    Marconi University is a world-class university engaged in significant international research and innovation. The University looks beyond the traditional academic learning setting, promoting the use of innovative learning methodologies by merging advanced technological solutions with traditional activities like lectures, workshops, and seminars.

    • Sharjah
    • Lagos
    • United Arab Emirates Online
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    Westford University College is one of the leading and prestigious business schools, located in the UAE offering quality educational deliveries across under-graduate, graduate and vocational professional programmes carrying significant value and recognition from awarding bodies and accredited universities having its presence in UK, Lebanon, US, Africa, India, and UAE. Our strategic partnerships and understanding of evolving industry requirements and deep analysis of economic realities ensure that we offer a meaningful and diverse portfolio of management, fashion and technology-based programmes. We have developed an integrated alliance with Liverpool John Moores University and Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK and UCAM in Spain. Over thousands of students from more than 100 different countries are studying at Westford and they have become a part of a learning community that promotes critical thinking, experimental learning, innovation and enterprise. The institution has been recognised for excellence in educational delivery and efficient learning pedagogies and several accolades were offered across the period 2015-19. We have been awarded by Forbes Middle East in 2019, received MENAA award for ‘Best Corporate Brand’ 2019, Asian Education Leadership Award for ‘Asia’s Best Emerging Business School’, Middle East’s ‘Best International Business College’ in 2017 and The Times Higher Education Award for ‘Outstanding Student Support’ in 2016.

    • Northampton
    • Bahrain Online
    • Jordan Online
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    Stafford was formed in 1993, in the UAE, with the sole intention of providing distance education assistance to the business professionals in the Middle East to achieve good quality internationally recognised qualifications that would mark them as serious managers and advance their careers. Starting with 7 students in 1993 over a decade later we are involved with an average of 1000 students a year availing distance education. All are serious minded busy managers proving to the world that they mean to succeed. Stafford is entirely focussed on assisting full-time professionals in business with quality distance learning to accelerate their careers through independent study. Stafford works throughout the Middle East and Levant region offering distance learning Executive MBA’s, Doctorates, BA’s, diplomas and more. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the academic and business success of our students, our excellent relationships with our UK universities, our integrity and the high quality of our academic and administrative support staff.